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This service is created due to Covid-19’s pandemic. One of the ways Numo Acupuncture in San Jose, CA, can help is to lessen the burden at the hospitals by giving care through acupuncture and herbs to our essential patients. Essential patients are any patients with health needs that is having a hard time coping with their current health problems, plus any added fear and anxiety caused by Covid-19. If you are having difficulty staying calm, sleeping, eating, moving, and constantly in pain and/or state of fear, we are here to help with that! We have figured a way to keep everyone safe and that is through our “Mobile/Drive-thru Acupuncture” services.

Mobile/Drive-Thru Acupuncture

What is Mobile/Drive-thru Acupuncture? 

Mobile/Drive-thru acupuncture is when the acupuncture treatments are done outside of the clinic.  Patients can either choose to do auricular (ear) acupuncture, which is using the ear to treat various health problems or regular body acupuncture at the comfort of their own car.  Auricular acupuncture has been known to be great at treating stress and anxiety, addictions, weight loss, pain, indigestion, and insomnia. Patients choosing to use auricular acupuncture have a choice of staying in their own car to rest during the treatment or to drive away with the needles in their ear.  If patients choose to leave with the needles in their ear, it is their responsibility to remove the needles themselves and place the needles in a hazardous sharp container to be disposed at a later time. Needles can be disposed at any pharmacy, hospitals, or at NUMO. If patients choose to stay in their car, then the Acupuncturist will remove the needles after time is up from their car. 

What is the process like? 

You can book an appointment online at  Please choose “mobile/drive-thru” option.  Once booked, then make sure you show up at NUMO Acupuncture clinic, and look out for the “Numo” trailer in front of the clinic.  Check in at the trailer, then go back to your car. Your Acupuncturist will direct you where to sit in your car based on the type of treatment you need.  Please remember to wear loose fitting comfortable clothes that you can pull above your elbows or knees and also wear a mask for this service. Wearing a mask is mandatory and it’s a way for us to protect you and our Acupuncturists.  Your Acupuncturist will then needle either your ear for auricular acupuncture or do body acupuncture while you are in your car. You can then rest in your car for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, your Acupuncturist will remove your needles and you can then go home.  It’s really that simple.

Where will the needles go? 

With mobile/drive-thru acupuncture, all needles will be inserted either in the ear or with body acupuncture, the arms and legs.  With our acupuncture style of treatment, we can treat almost any conditions just with the ears, arms, and legs.

How do you take payments? 

Payments are done online prior to booking an appointment now.  You must enter your credit card info to get an appointment.