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Anxiety & Depression

A 33 year-old female patient came in complaining of occasional panic attacks, constant negative thoughts, mood swings, lethargy, inability to fall asleep, and trouble staying asleep.  This had been going on her whole life but she felt it was ramping up in the previous couple months. Patient admits to emotional trauma as a child that she has repressed and carried with her. She was seeing a therapist but wanted help balancing her mood while she processed her emotions.  With only one treatment and some advice from the acupuncturist, her sleep improved and patient felt in control of her emotions.  After 5 treatments with cupping, and adding some foods and supplements to her diet, the patient had not had a panic attack in over 3 weeks.  Her sleep improved to only waking once per night and she was able to fall asleep within 20 minutes. The patient’s negative thoughts occurred very intermittently and she felt better equipped to shut them down. After the addition of supplements and acupuncture, the patient also noticed much more energy, a clear mind, and better memory.

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