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Faye’s Patient: YB

46 years old female patient complaining of fatigue, mental exhaustion, stomach pain and indigestion, especially after meals.

After careful examination, patient was diagnosed with celiac disease and sleep apnea.

Since the stomach pain was excruciating, I recommended taking care of the stomach pain first. First 3-4 acupuncture treatments were focused only on the stomach pain. After the fourth treatment, pain was no longer present however occasionally eating the wrong food can still cause gass and bloating. I continued to focus on her digestion by strengthening her digestive organs, specifically the liver, stomach, and intestines. I did 6 more treatments on her digestion and because she no longer was experiencing digestive discomfort, we agreed to change focus and start focusing on her sleep apnea issue. Patient also agreed to use an app called “snore report” to record her breathing sounds while sleeping.

Patient recorded herself 3 times prior to starting acupuncture treatments for sleep apnea. This was done to measure improvements. I recommended YB patient to record her sleep every night as we start working on her sleep apnea treatment @ 3X/week until we see a significant change in sleep breathing then back down to 2x/week then 1x/week.

There was a significant difference in YB’s breathing the first time she got treatment for apnea. She was feeling better, more energy, think better and also just happier. She continued to record her sleep breathing and the first 3 recordings of her breathing was significantly better than before she started treatments. Because the treatments have been very positive, even only at 3 so far, we will continue on until her breathing is normal during her sleep without the acupuncture.

As of now, her gastritis is under control and no longer having any digestive issues and she is overall feeling a lot better in terms of energy, focus, and now can go back to “living” again!

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