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Knee Pain

A mid 50s male patient –and avid golfer- came in complaining of knee pain in both knees for a few years.  He walked in with a very bad limp and winced with every step. He had to liit his golfing because the pain would be worse after a game.  He was getting acupuncture from Kaiser and he saw mild improvement but wanted more.  After only one treatment, he left the clinic without wincing upon each step.  He came in twice a week for 3 weeks until he no longer felt the pain. He was able to golf much more frequently without the pain returning so intensely. We cut his treatments down to once per week for a couple weeks as he was able to go 5-7 days nearly pain-free. His treatments keep tapering down to only bi-monthly as he is able to walk much more fluidly, he doesn’t wince while moving, and most importantly, he’s back to golfing frequently.

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