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Ways to reduce emotional stress and enjoy a great work-life balance

Today, there are so many genuine reasons to feel sad, anxious and feel resentful. The list is almost endless and the reason that tops the list is work-related stress. You may be emotionally stressed if you are dealing with too much workload pressure at your job or are doing a work that does not make you happy.  Other than work, personal relations, as well as professional relations can also be the reason for emotional stress and anxiety.

Before we discuss further on how to cope with emotional stress, let’s first understand what exactly it is.

Emotional stress is the body’s reaction to the mind overruling the emotional desire. It triggers your negative feelings such as anger, frustration, and depression. Your emotions like intense stress or anger not only affects you emotionally but also affects you physically. Most of our pain is from energy in motion, and we feel this when our body lives in the past, then our nervous system remembers the emotion that it felt.

If you are ailing with emotional stress, your friends and family may be supportive and may recommend you different ways of getting relieved. Some may suggest you seek Western medicine while some may suggest alternative medicine. Regardless of the path you chose, Western medicine does not recognize that certain emotions are linked to specific organs. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine does recognize the relationship between emotion and the organs and it is an important part of how our Acupuncturists practice and help our clients deal with emotional trauma Our Acupuncturists has the ability to detect changes that occur in our body. We will use many techniques, stress-relief practices and other lifestyle changes to restore imbalances found in the body.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, there are 7 main emotions that are anger, anxiety, fear, fright, grief, joy and pensiveness. Each of these emotions is linked to different organs. Listed below are organs to which these emotions are associated.

Acupuncture simply balances the severity of the emotion experienced, so this helps in addressing the situation from a more grounded perspective. It helps to deal with the root cause of their imbalances and not just the signs. According to Chinese Medicine, one can easily get relief from emotional stress by balancing its flow of energy.  If we talk about acupuncture points, they are approximately 2000 points, lying along the body’s channels of energy. When these points are stimulated, the points relieve the obstruction in the energy flow helping the body to heal.  Acupuncture for anxiety and emotional stress can help you understand and deal with emotions before they become chronic and help you discover parts of yourself that have been drowned in the pools of chronic stress and emotions.

How can acupuncture heal your stress?

Emotional stress is one of the most obvious issues among people residing in San Jose and acupuncture is the right solution to it. Acupuncture is a therapy that plays a vital role to get relief from different stress whether it is emotional, or cognitive, or behavioral. And this therapy can surely help you in releasing stress by:

Getting the support of our Acupuncturists can help you fight emotional stress. Our acupuncture sessions give you the opportunity to come and rest while the needles do their work rerouting your body’s energy flow. We will also recommend you a nutritious and healthy diet that will help you relieve from emotional stress.

Get Help

If you want to give a boost to your lifestyle, have a great work-life balance and let go of the emotional baggage that can pull you down emotionally, make an appointment with our Acupuncturists.  We will help you in getting quick relief from emotional stress.

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