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Weight Gain

Female, 54 years old. Chief complaint is weight gain. Patient has history of easy weight gain, especially after menopause, weight has been increasing by 20 pounds. She explained her diet consists of mainly carbohydrates and tends to skip meals always rushing for work. She skips meals regularly, resulting to over eating when she does have time to eat. Patient also consumes heavy fatty meats, carbs, sugary sodas, ice cold drinks daily.

Patient was advised to build the habit of eating a large breakfast to have enough energy to last the day. Skipping meals contributes to weight gain since the body may think it is starving and converts calories to fat in response to starvation. Secondly, patient was to eliminate all icy cold drinks and sugar from diet. Ice cold drinks slows down digestion which directly contributes to weight gain. Treatment: Stomach, Spleen, Liver channels to boost digestion. Ear points with ear seeds to control appetite.

After 2 months of consistent treatment and lifestyle adjustment, patient went from a size 8 jeans to size 3, 156 pounds to 132.

Numo Acupuncture

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