Faye Hester Luong, LAc  - Acupuncturist

Faye Hester Luong, LAc

Acupuncturist located in San Jose, CA

Meet Faye Hester Luong

Faye Luong is an alumni of UC Davis in Nutrition and Dietetics. Her Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine was completed at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM), one of the most reputable Chinese medical schools in the country. She has been practicing Chinese Medicine since 2003 and treated over 50,000 patients. She has a passion for Chinese Medicine, health, nutrition, food and is an outdoor enthusiast. She loves to travel and spends most of her free time with her family. She is the founder and CEO of Numo Acupuncture and Numo Broth. It is her mission to start a numo lifestyle revolution for her patients. Living the numo way is a lifestyle of making mindful choices to honor our bodies.